KiloVault® Solar Energy Storage products cover a wide range of applications, including Flexible Energy Storage, Wall-Mount Energy Storage, and Portable Emergency Power

KiloVault HLX Series

KiloVault HLX-Series Deep- Cycle Lithium Batteries offer a configurable approach to residential energy storage needs.

The HLX Series can be used individually or in combination for 12, 24, or 48-volt systems, with storage capacities ranging from 150 Amp-hours to 1,200 Amp-hours.

KiloVault HAB 7.5

KiloVault HAB Series Wall-Mount Energy Storage systems provide a 7.5 Kilowatt-hour battery in a single package. Up to fourteen units can be used together for additional capacity.

The HAB Series has been designed for trouble-free mounting and is easy to connect with other system components.

KiloVault CHLX Series

KiloVault CHLX Series Cold-Rated Lithium Batteries include all the advantages of the HLX Series with the added benefit of cold weather operation.

Internal heating technology allows the battery to continue charging, even when the ambient temperature is well below freezing.

KiloVault PLC 2100

KiloVault® PLC 2100 is a cost-effective, maintenance- free battery that offers superior performance in Partial State Of Charge (PSoC) applications.

The KiloVault PLC combines pure lead and advanced carbon technology for extended battery life and rapid charging.


KiloVault RES-Q

KiloVault RES-Q Portable Emergency Power Unit includes a 1,200 Watt-Hour battery, charge controller, and inverter that can  power a refrigerator and charge cell phones.

The KiloVault RES-Q is designed to be charged by solar panels, a backup generator, or standard 120 VAC power, and will provide up to 1200Wh of emergency backup power.

KiloVault Solar Energy Storage products are available for purchase from our authorized resellers. See “Where to Buy” for additional information