KiloVault Magazine Volume 1


The KiloVault series of Lithium Ion Batteries are the best batteries you can buy today. With their supreme durability, they can handle nearly anything you throw at them and still be ready to go again the next day. Since they don’t need to be replaced as often, these batteries also cost much less per cycle than other competitive brands, which makes them an excellent value over time. Learn more about why KiloVault HLX+ and HAB are the best lithium ion batteries you can buy today in our exclusive interview! We sat down with Sascha Deri, CEO and Founder of KiloVault, to ask him what makes these batteries so darn good. Download the PDF now or check out a sneak peak below.

Why KiloVault are the Best Lithium Ion Batteries You Can Buy

The KiloVault series of Lithium Ion Batteries are the best batteries you can buy today. With their supreme durability, they can handle nearly anything you throw at them and still be ready to go again the next day. Since they don’t need to be replaced as often, these batteries also cost much less per cycle than other competitive brands, which makes them an excellent value over time. Learn more about why KiloVault HLX+ and HAB are the best lithium ion batteries you can buy today in our exclusive interview! We sat down with Sascha Deri, CEO and Founder of KiloVault, to ask him what makes these batteries so darn good.

“We decided to create the KiloVault HLX+ line of batteries because no one else was providing a lithium battery that could handle the power, the level of amps in and amps out, and the voltage flexibility our customers demanded to power their homes. Our customers are powering entire houses and require the ability to not just run little loads, like a laptop or cell phone, but refrigerators, air conditioners, coffee makers and microwaves, all the normal appliances we have in our homes. The other lithium batteries on the market were falling short when it came to providing enough power to run a whole home, either off grid, or as a grid backup” said Deri, providing insight into why he created this product. 

“With a competitor’s battery you may need two, three or four batteries in parallel to get the same amount of amps that a single HLX+ delivers” Deri continued. “Let’s say we need to run a motor or compressor or any appliance with a surge, like a refrigerator – other lithium-ion batteries on the market can’t power these loads”. With many people buying 5000 watt plus inverters, they need a battery that can keep up with that amount of draw. 

And it’s not just the continuous discharge current that matters but also the surge discharge current. Many lithium ion batteries on the market are limited to 50 amp current draw, at 12 volts that is only 600 watts. There is not much you can do with 600 watts since a coffee maker draws 1000 watts and microwaves surge to 2,000 – 3,000 watts. The HLX+ 2400 and 3600 have an amazing 500 amps surge discharge current; that’s 6000 watts from a single battery. “We designed the HLX+ because no one could handle the serious residential inverter from manufacturers like Magnum, Outback, Schneider. No one was doing it and we needed a product for those serious about solar off grid living or powering a real home battery backup system. You can use a single HLX+ 3600 and run a 2000 watt inverter with room to spare”.  

And it’s not just storage Deri is focused on since the HLX+ was designed for solar charging. With lithium cells in a pack connected to a battery management system (BMS), the KiloVault HLX+ lithium-ion battery is able to charge both from the grid, and from solar power. These batteries also work great if you’re off-grid and want to store your own solar power instead of selling it back to your utility company. With a battery pack system like HLX+, it’s easy for one person to charge their own battery pack with solar panels, and then use that battery to run a refrigerator or air conditioner in their home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“With even a modest 2000 watt solar panel array you would need at least three of our competitors’ batteries to match the charging performance of a single HLX+. You would just need more batteries to do the same thing. With the HLX+ you can toss three times the amount of solar at a single battery then you can with other batteries. That’s why HLX+ is a true solar battery and not just any old lithium ion battery you can find on the internet”.  

One of the first upgrades many make to their system is to move up in system voltage. “A lot of folks start with a 12 volt system but after a year or two want to make the move up to a 24 volt or 48 volt configuration. With many other batteries you can’t connect them in series so you’re stuck with 12 volts”. For maximum flexibility and a future proof design you need a battery that will allow you to upgrade your system voltage when the time is right. “And forget about it if you want to go with a bigger system – some of these battery management systems just can’t handle it”.   

So, what’s the secret of why the HLX+ is such a better battery? “First is making sure we have high quality lithium cells” said Sascha, “but it’s the battery management system that does a lot of the heavy lifting”. A battery management system, or BMS, is the electronics that control the charging and discharging of cells within the battery. “We just use beefier electronics in our BMS. It’s as simple as that. Just looking at our BMS circuit board vs others makes the difference clear. The larger and more robust circuitry is how we’re able to push so many amps”. 

Anything else that makes the HLX+ stand out from all the rest? “They work in freezing temperatures. We have customers in Maine, all over the Northeast and Canada that need a battery. It might be a remote communication tower, or batteries installed in a shed, barn or garage, batteries powering security cameras- those batteries need to work in a wide range of temperatures. We have customers with remote hunting or ski cabins where they only visit on the weekends- they don’t want to or can’t keep the cabin warm all week while they are gone but they want power to be working when they arrive”. Many lithium batteries can’t charge or discharge below freezing, but the HLX+ has a built-in heater to warm the battery cells up. Charging cold batteries can damage them, so with HLX+ has added protection from the elements. “Also”, Deri continued, “with lead acid batteries you lose half of their capacity when the temperatures dip to freezing, while the HLX+ will last longer and allow you to get more energy throughput from the battery.” 

“We just added some new accessories to the HLX line” Deri informed us, “we just released wall mounting brackets that allow you to very easily mount the battery on the wall. The brackets are really high quality, durable and I’m impressed with how they came out”. The HLX wall mount brackets make installation quick, easy and safe. 

KiloVault HLX+ batteries are a perfect replacement for lead acid batteries or for the core of a new energy storage system.They work in hot and cold conditions, allowing you to have power in freezing temperatures. When it comes to quality and long lasting power, KiloVault HLX+ lithium ion batteries have no equal. They’re able to withstand extreme temperatures, work in harsh environments, and will last a long time before needing a charge. It’s also important to note that lithium battery packs are much smaller and lighter than their lead acid counterparts so they fit easily into any system or space. This makes them perfect for RVs, boats, home solar power installations, or use in your home where running a refrigerator, air conditioner or other large device is required. Whether you’re looking for security from natural disasters, backup from planned power outages, or powering a remote or off the grid location look no further than the KiloVault HLX+. 

In addition to the HLX series, KiloVault has the HAB, an innovative and aesthetically pleasing solution to home and business storage. With its high power output the HAB is ideal for both wall mounted and freestanding energy storage systems. It is a great choice for anyone looking for an efficient power storage system. With the HAB, you can easily build a reliable solar storage system with just a single inverter. So if you’re looking for an efficient and good looking home energy system, the KiloVault HAB is your perfect solution.

“When designing the HAB, we wanted high power output, so even a single HAB could be matched with a single inverter for a backup power system”, said Deri, “we also wanted something that would look nice and match popular inverter colors schemes”. The HAB has a sleek, wall-mounted design that allows it to blend into any existing energy system and provides an easy-to-use power storage solution. Coming in at 48 volts, 150 amp-hours and 7500 watt-hours of energy storage, the HAB has enough juice to run major appliances. The best part is that you can stack multiple HABs together, allowing you to have a powerful home or commercial solar battery pack of over 100 kilowatt-hours!

The HAB can put out over 7,000 watts of power when paired with the right inverter and surge as high as 24,000 watts! “In my home” Sascha continued “I have three of the HAB’s and a single 6kW inverter and the HAB is very well matched for this configuration.” While the HAB can handle big surges and high amounts of continuous power draw its lifespan can be extended by limiting the power drawn. “If you limit the power drawn to 60 amps or less, you will get extra years out of the battery. For my application, 60 amps is more than enough but I like knowing I can surge when needed” Sascha continued. “The HAB was very easy to install and I felt secure with the robust construction and wall mounted design. If you’re looking for a reliable power storage system for your solar setup, then the KiloVault HAB is definitely worth considering.” 

The KiloVault HAB is an ideal choice for those looking for a home solar battery pack but it can also provide flexible energy storage in commercial and industrial applications. The HAB also provides a reliable and powerful solution for larger commercial and industrial projects, as demonstrated by altE Store who recently installed it as a backup power source for their headquarters in Massachusetts. The HAB’s superior capabilities enable customers to put huge loads, such as hotels, off grid without needing to resort to gas or diesel generators. Its modular design allows for multiple inverters and provides up to 100kWh of storage, far more than other solar storage systems on the market today. With this kind of power and flexibility it is why the KiloVault HAB is a leader in the home and business solar battery pack market. “We learned with HLX our customers were putting huge loads off the grid. You can’t do that with the HLX so we needed something bigger.” Deri continued, providing details on why he brought the HAB to market. 

“We recently came out with a number of accessories for the HAB. We came out with the floor stand because in the past you put one HAB on the wall, and the next has to be on the left or right. But with the floor stand, you can locate a HAB below another and it keeps securely off the floor. We also developed a cart that can hold two HAB’s. If you don’t have wall space, say a server room and want the mobility to move the battery around the HAB cart is perfect”. 

“One of the other things we learned was that people wanted to drill down and understand how their batteries were working remotely. You can be in the office and see how your batteries are at home, or how they are doing at your remote cabin or cottage that could be a day’s drive away”. The HAB features WiFi, allowing homeowners to remotely monitor the status of their batteries. “We also have a digital display built right into the HAB”. The display gives the user information like battery state of charge, number of cycles and other information. “We also have an LED strip so you can see at a glance the estimated state of charge from across the room. It’s just like the gas gauge in your car. Sure we have the app you can use as well, but it’s great to be able to just see what’s happening at a glance”. 

The remote monitoring via integrated WiFi also allows installers to monitor clients’ batteries. If an installation company has a service contract with a client, they can have the pro-active battery monitoring as an additional service. Another perk for HAB professional installers is extra handroom near the battery terminals. “We heard from our customers that when dealing with large gauge wire and the wiring box within the battery they wanted a good amount of space to be able to maneuver, so we did that with our latest HAB design.” The HAB is designed for easy installation and comes with built-in safety features, making it the perfect home or business battery for any situation. With the KiloVault HAB, you can rest assured that your energy storage needs are taken care of.

“As you can tell by now, we’re always talking with our customers and working to incorporate their feedback. In the Caribbean and other coastal areas we wanted a really robust energy storage device to get through hurricanes. We knew we needed to make it robust for this salt air environment.” The HAB comes standard with ventilation to allow passive internal air flow  but with just four screws you can swap out the plates and seal the HAB, preventing corrosion and making the battery well sealed. “That puts us in a different class than most other batteries, it’s a big deal. Many other batteries need to have active cooling but that just becomes another point of failure. Putting those active cooling systems in a salt air environment is just asking for trouble. We want people to have power after hurricanes- it’s that simple, so we designed a battery that didn’t need active cooling and could function well as a sealed system.” 

“The other big news is that the HAB has closed loop communication now with Schneider and Sol-Ark inverters. This allows the inverter to do intelligent management of the batteries.” Schnider and Sol-Ark when paired with the HAB are also certified for UL9540. “The UL9540 requirement is becoming increasingly required in many states. It’s a safety certification and should give the battery owner confidence that they have the safest home energy system available”. Several kits have been developed with all the parts needed for a UL9540 energy storage system with the KiloVault HAB. 

“Another thing that really sets KiloVault apart from the rest is that we are an American company. Whether it’s the HAB or the HLX you get a warranty from an American company. We have US based sales and technical support, in both English and Spanish. When you need help you get a real person on the phone. When your product ships it’s coming from one of our warehouses in California, Massachusetts or Puerto Rico.” With so many overseas suppliers entering the market it can be hard to know where to turn when you have a problem. “With KiloVault, our USA based team is here to help you every step of the way.” Deri concluded. 

So if you’re looking for a battery for your boat, van, RV, truck or an energy storage system for your home or office you’re in good hands with KiloVault. Founded by solar and storage pioneer, Sascha Deri, with over twenty years of on grid, off grid and battery backup experience KiloVault is the clear winner when it comes to best in class products. KiloVault is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a wall mounted energy system, solar storage system, or solar battery pack to their residence, business, boat or RV. KiloVault’s range of flexible energy storage solutions provide the power storage system you need in order to be prepared for outages, emergencies, and other situations. Not only is KiloVault a great option for solar, backup power and off grid situations, it also looks great. Its sleek design won’t take away from your home’s décor, and its sturdy construction ensures long-term reliability. With over twenty years of on grid, off grid and battery backup experience behind it, KiloVault is a smart choice for anyone who needs to stay powered up and ready for anything.