KiloVault Unveils Third-Generation HAB Deep-Cycle Battery

Boxborough, Massachusetts (February 25, 2021)​ – ​KiloVault®​, a provider of innovative and affordable residential and commercial renewable energy solutions, today unveiled the third iteration of their ​HABTM series​ of wall-mount energy storage systems. The HABTM 7.5 V3 provides the same powerful 7.5 kilowatt-hours of storage, safety, and expandability of its predecessors, and features several key upgrades for a cleaner more convenient set up.

“The HAB has quickly risen to become the top seller for the KiloVault line,” says Product Manager Andrea Belford. “Customers appreciate its built-in display, easy expandability, and no-fuss reliability as a backup power solution.”

  • The HAB 7.5 V3 has several key improvements incorporated based on customer feedback:
    The HAB V3 has increased ventilation to improve performance and battery life in warmer
    climates. The unit is rated IP54 for dust and splash protection. The four vents can be swapped out with solid plates (included) to meet the IP55 rating for water jet protection, allowing outdoor installation.
  • The wiring panel of the HAB has been completely redesigned for improved serviceability, with more space and additional ports on the bottom, left, and right sides of the wiring panel. Power and communication cable connections are now easier than ever.
  • Larger integrated lift handles allow for easier wall-mounted installation, and fold completely out of the way when they’re not needed.

Ideal for expandable energy storage in off-grid or hybrid applications, the HAB integrates with leading inverters at a lower lifetime cost than competitive offerings, and can store power from a variety of sources. Each HAB contains a non-toxic, thermally stable LiFePO4 battery with UL1642-certified cells. With built-in WiFi and the convenient HAB iT app on iOS and Android, monitoring your battery health and performance is easier than ever. Connecting your HAB to the HAB iT cloud allows it to receive automatic firmware updates.

The HAB is designed for a long and productive life, and now comes with a flexible warranty to meet a variety of performance needs. Depending on the charging profile, the HAB is now backed with either a 10-year/6,000-cycle extended life warranty when configured to charge at lower rates, or a 7.5-year/4,000-cycle warranty when configured for maximum charging capability.

For more information, including the HAB series data sheet and installation manual, visit KiloVault’s HAB product page at​.


About KiloVault

KiloVault® is dedicated to providing innovative and affordable renewable energy solutions for residential and commercial applications, storing the sun, and saving the planet. They design, market, and sell energy storage based on leading-edge technologies that reduce the cost of entry for homeowners and help reduce the impact of humanity on the environment. KiloVault’s headquarters is located at 330 Codman Hill Road in Boxborough, Massachusetts. For more information visit their website at or call Toll Free (888) 218-5924.