KiloVault RES-Q

KiloVault® RES-Q™ Portable Emergency Power Unit

The KiloVault® RES-Q™ Portable Emergency Power Unit was designed specifically to provide emergency backup power for your most critical household appliances and devices – even a refrigerator.


  • 1500W Pure Sinewave Inverter
  • 1200Wh KiloVault Lithium Battery
  • 25A Solar Charge Controller
  • Built-in AC Charger
  • Liquid Crystal Display Status
  • 2x 120V Outlets
  • 1x 12V Cigarette Lighter Adapter
  • Lead Acid Battery Expansion Port

Power what you need most

  • Lighting
  • Fan
  • Cell phone & tablet charging
  • Refrigerator*

* For expected outages over 7 hours add a KiloVault HLX Series or a 12V deep cycle lead acid battery to the expansion connection (>400Ah recommended).

Power Controls:

  • Power key on front panel
  • AC power ON/OFF switch on front of unit

Input Ports:

  • AC: 110-240V, 50-60Hz
  • DC: Anderson Powerpole connector ports
    • 1 set, total of 25A limit using 12V input

Output Ports:

  • AC: 110V–120V, 50Hz–60Hz
    • 2 outlets share a combined total current limit of 1,500W
    • slow-start feature that protects the inverter from over-current draw
  • DC: 4 USB outlets
    • 3.1A max
    • 2 x 1A
    • 2 x 2.1A
  • DC: Anderson Powerpole connectors
    • 1 set with a total shared current limit of 20A @ 12 VDC
  • DC: 12V cigarette lighter adapter capable of 10A (120W) max output

RES-Q Series

1500 RES-Q

Battery Type Li-FePO4
Rated Capacity 1280Wh
Rated Voltage 12.8 V DC
 Cycle rating 2500+ cycles @ 80% Depth of Discharge
Minimum Charge Time

2.5 hours


Charge Retention 1 Year (85%)
Integrated inverter

120V AC pure sine wave

1,500W continuous output

Slow start feature protects inverter from over-current draw

Maximum Charging Current 15A @ 12V from AC or DC circuitry
Maximum DC Output 20A
Dimensions 18.9 in x 15.7 in x 9.4 in
(480 x 400 x 238 mm)
Battery Weight 61.7 lbs (28 kg)
Operating Temperature Range 23 – 111°F (-5 – 45°C)
Operating Conditions Keep out of rainy, damp, or snowy conditions
Warranty 2 Years Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty




Click to view or download the following product information and user manuals:

KiloVault RES-Q Data Sheet

KiloVault RES-Q User Manual