KiloVault RES-Q

KiloVault® RES-Q™ Portable Emergency Power Unit

The KiloVault® RES-Q™ Portable Emergency Power Unit was designed specifically to provide emergency backup power for your most critical household appliances and devices – even a refrigerator.


  • 1500W Pure Sinewave Inverter
  • 1200Wh KiloVault Lithium Battery
  • 25A Solar Charge Controller
  • Built-in AC Charger
  • Liquid Crystal Display Status
  • 2x 120V Outlets
  • 1x 12V Cigarette Lighter Adapter
  • Lead Acid Battery Expansion Port

Power what you need most

  • Lighting
  • Fan
  • Cell phone & tablet charging
  • Refrigerator*
* For expected outages over 7 hours add a KiloVault HLX Series or a 12V deep cycle lead acid battery to the expansion connection (more than 400Ah recommended).

KiloVault RES-Q Product Details


Power Controls:

  • Power key on front panel
  • AC power ON/OFF switch on front of unit

Input Ports:

  • AC: 110-240V, 50-60Hz
  • DC: Anderson Powerpole connector ports
    • 1 set, total of 25A limit using 12V input

Output Ports:

  • AC: 110V–120V, 50Hz–60Hz
    • 2 outlets share a combined total current limit of 1,500W
    • slow-start feature that protects the inverter from over-current draw
  • DC: 4 USB outlets
    • 3.1A max
    • 2 x 1A
    • 2 x 2.1A
  • DC: Anderson Powerpole connectors
    • 1 set with a total shared current limit of 20A @ 12 VDC
  • DC: 12V cigarette lighter adapter capable of 10A (120W) max output


Click to view or download the following product information and user manuals:

Electrical Specifications
Rated Voltage
Nominal Amp-Hour Capacity
(C10 Hr Discharge)
Rated Capacity
Minimum Charge Time
Charge Retention
Max DC Output
Max Charge Current
Max PV Wattage
Cycle Count
Integrated Inverter
Integrated Battery
Integrated Charge Controller
Front Panel
Expansion Port for External Battery
Environmental Specifications
Environmental Rating
Operating Temperature Range
Physical Specifications
RES-Q 1500
2.5 hours
1 year (85%)
200A per string
2500+ cycles @ 80% Depth of Discharge
1500W continuous output
120VAC pure sinewave
3000W surge (5ms)
Soft Start (for short surges)
Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP)
LCD display, On/Off switch
2 AC outlets
4 DC USB outlets
12V cigarette lighter adapter
12V battery expansion port
We highly recommend using a LFP battery (ie. KiloVault). The RES-Q completely discharges the external battery, down to 10.5V, before switching to the internal battery. Completely discharging a lead-acid battery will likely damage it and permanently reduce its capacity.
2 year limited warranty
Indoor rated only - not rated for rainy, damp, snowy conditions
23°F - 111°F (-5°C - 45°C)
61.7 lb (28 kg)
15.7 in (400 mm)
9.4 in (238 mm)
18.9 in (480.4 mm)
Especificaciones Eléctricas
Tensión Nominal
Capacidad Nominal de Amperios
(Descarga C10)
Capacidad Nominal
Tiempo Minima de Carga
Retención de Carga
Salida Máxima de CC
Corriente de Carga Máxima
Max PV Potencia
Clasificación de Ciclos
Inversor Integrado
Batería Integrada
Controlador Integrado de Carga
Panel frontal
Puerto de Expansión Para Batería Externa
Especificaciones Ambientales
Calificación Ambiental
Rango de Temperatura de Funcionamiento
Especificaciones Físicas
RES-Q 1500
2.5 horas
1 año (85%)
200A por cadena
2500+ ciclos a 80% de profundidad de descarga
1500W de salida continua
Onda sinusoidal pura de 120VAC
3000W de salida máxima (5ms)
La función de arranque lento protege el inversor del consumo de sobrecorriente
Fosfato de litio y hierro (LiFePO4 o LFP)
Pantalla LCD, interruptor de encendido/apagado
2 salidas de CA
4 salidas de CC USB
1 adaptador de encendedor de cigarrillos de 12V
1 puerto de expansión de batería de 12V
Recomendamos encarecidamente el uso de una batería de litio (es decir KiloVault). El RES-Q descarga completamente la batería externa, hasta 10.5 V, antes de cambiar a la batería interna. La descarga completa de una batería de plomo-ácido probablemente la dañará y reducirá permanentemente su capacidad.
Garantía limitada de 2 años
Solo para interiores: sin clasificación para condiciones de lluvia, humedad y nieve
23°F - 111°F (-5°C - 45°C)
61.7 lb (28 kg)
15.7 in (400 mm)
9.4 in (238 mm)
18.9 in (480.4 mm)