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Wont get to 100%

Although my batterie is at 56.4 volts and 7.59 kwh it will not go higher than 97% why and how to correct?. My second battery is at 56.4 volts and only 7.3 kwh but says 100%. These are being charged seperate.

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KiloVault Tech Support

Hello Chris,

I'm sorry for the trouble you're having with the SoC & kWh displayed on your HABs.

Since both HABs are up at 56.4V, I'm assuming that you've already gone through the calibration procedure from the HAB manual -  - available here. If you have gone through the calibration process and it did not work, the next step is for us to update your HABs firmware.

If you have connected your HABs to the cloud using the HAB iT mobile app, we can update the firmware, which should correct both the SoC and kWh being displayed.

Please send us the serial numbers for both HABs and your email address using our contact form - - so we can do the firmware update.

Thanks I will if I dont get it sorted when the install is completed. The SOC was getting low in the box 16% so was just trying to boost them untill the install is complete they are not connected to the internet yet.