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What constitutes "Continuous" current draw

OK ... got my (single) V3 HAB integrated with my Radian 7048E and FM80 CC and we can be on the grid but we choose not to use it if possible.  We use about 6KW/day and have 1700W of PV, so figured that I would be well positioned with the HAB.  One little hitch ... our solar water heater is a long way from the kitchen and we don't want to waste that much water waiting for the hot to appear.  So we have a 6KW on demand tankless water heater for the kitchen sink.  I was told (and the OB Mate LGX settings  bear it out) that, using Load Grid Transfer will switch to the grid after a user-set time when a current threshold is reached.  That delay can be set down to 1 second (and the HAB, per specs, will tolerate a 3 sec 500A surge).  It says that ... and OB tech support read me the same story from the Mate3s manual pages ... but it doesn't DO that.  The tech and I tested it out and the best we could do is an 8 second delay.  Clearly, an 8 second draw of 6KW+whatever else happens to be drawing at the time isn't going to fly.

SO ... I can get a smaller tankless water heater ... say 4KW.  That would heat my water (which is already at 78 degrees ... we are in the tropics) to an acceptable level.  It would draw about 80A from the battery.  It would be above the 60A continuous draw for KV's 10 yr. warranty but below the 120V continuous draw for KV's 7.5 year warranty.  The warranty isn't really the concern ... I couldn't afford to ship this unit back if it died tomorrow ... but their "suggestion" is important to me because I want this unit to last.

AND FINALLY MY QUESTION:  What constitutes a continuous draw (is 8 sec max a continuous draw?) and how will the 8 sec lag at 80A to 100A before the Radian manages to flip to the grid affect the life / expected cycles of the HAB?  BTW ... our 6KW/day usage includes the 6KW heater ... the only other large user is our fridge ... and that's pretty efficient.

Thanks for any insight ... or suggestions.

Thank you for your question.

Yes, continuous means for hours at a time. Periodic 8 second draws of 80 A shouldn't have much if any effect on the lifetime of  the HAB.

Your water heater draws electricity on demand.  A traditional water would power the heating coils when the internal thermostat sensed the temperature below a set point. A tankless water heater (if I remember correctly) would draw from the battery only when a hot water tap was opened.

In either of these cases, I'm thinking that it would be rare for a household water heater to heat water for hours at a time.

I hope I've helped!

-KiloVault Tech Support

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Yes.  Thank you very much for your assistance.