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Well I screwed up

I came back after a couple of months and I have a dead HAB.  It was turned off at the circuit breaker and had a 90% charge 3 months ago.

It shows for a second 41.7 voltage and 0% charge, 0 kilowatt, etc.  It's hooked up to a outback radian.  The radian needs voltage to work, which means I can't charge the HAB.

Do I have any other options for charging it?

Thanks for any information in advance.


Hello Dave,

Your best bet is to connect your HAB to a 48V AC charger like the 13A, 48V IOTA DLS-54-13.  Using that you can get the HAB voltage high enough for the Radian to operate.  Make sure you get the HAB voltage high enough so that when the Radian starts drawing amps, the HAB voltage doesn't drop below the HABs low voltage protection of 43.2 V±0.5 V.  I'd say get it up above 48V at least.

Please let us know how it works out for you.

KiloVault Tech Support


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One more thing - please make sure that you've registered your HAB on this website - - thank you!

Thanks for the quick response.  I believe I did register here last year.  I'll look into it.


Thanks again.



That worked well.  All set now.  Thanks for the information.

Excellent News!

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