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Voltage at terminals

I have a new CHLX 3600 battery.  The Kilovault app on my phone shows that the battery is at 79% SOC, 13.1 V and at 303AH of capacity.  The Health is listed as "Perfect", and the Status is listed as "Standby".  The Events log does show a "Short Circuit Event" in the log.


It was working when I first turned on the system this morning, and I powered up a diesel heater, and then afterward turned off main battery switch.  Two hours later I couldn't get the system to power up when I turned on the battery switch, so I tested voltage at the battery terminals and I"m only getting 2.8V at the battery terminals instead of 13.1V that my phone app says the battery has.  Is the "Standby" status the problem?  Not sure what to do now.  Any suggestions?  I did read where the battery can go into a shutdown mode, and that loads should be all disconnected and then reconnected one at a time, inverter first.  Not sure I can do this without disassembling the entire system, and then reconnect to live system.  I have fuses to each major piece of equipment, not circuit breakers, so not easy to turn on one at a time.

Hello @old-school,

Please pardon the delay in responding.

Why does the HLX iT show short circuit events in the log?

When the battery is connected to a DC load (which I assume the diesel heater is) or a charging load, the pre-charging function of the battery is disabled. That pre-charging, function is used to compensate for the surge capacitors on the input side of inverters and other devices. This order of connecting devices may trigger the short circuit protection in the BMS once the high inrush device (usually an inverter) is connected.

The solution here is to disconnect all devices from the battery (even battery monitors), first connect the inverter, wait 45 seconds and then connect the remaining devices.