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Storage of Batteries

What is the best practice for storage of  HXL 3600 batteries ?  We will be storing our boat on the hard in Grenada for 4 to 5 months this coming hurricane season.  I have read several opinions/articles regarding how we should store the batteries. Especially with respect to the state of charge before I leave them.

We plan to physically disconnect them from the boat circuit so the will be 100% isolated.  What SOC should they be left at.  I have read articles stating I should leave lithium at 60 to 70% and others saying start from fully charged.

What does Kilovault suggest?



Kindest Regards

Fraser & Debby on SV Everlong

Hello Fraser and Debby,

Storing your batteries during hurricane season is very easy.

Please charge each battery up to 14.2V.  Then, as you have already planned, disconnect them from the boat circuit so that they are 100% isolated.  Also disconnect them from each other.

Do not use a trickle charger.

At the temperatures typical in Grenada for the hurricane season, they'll be fine for 6 months of storage.

KiloVault Technical Support