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SoC in App not correct



I have 4 Kilovault 2400 HLX+ and have charged each one of them to 14.1v as recommended by the manual. However, one of them says around 60% SOC on the BT app and also by pressing the SoC button on the battery. I tried letting the battery rest and recharge again but it seems its fully charged, just the SOC indicator is not calibrated. How can I get this to be correct? I havent out them in series yet. Want to make sure theyre all fully charged before doing so.

Screenshots show the SOC in the app and the cell voltages. Cell 1 does have slightly less volts, not sure if thats ok.

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Hello @kevolones,

I'm sorry for the problem you're seeing in your HLX+ SoC in the HLX iT app.

The slight difference in cell voltages is well within the normal range.  The difference between the highest and lowest cell should be 300 mV or less.  Yours are in great shape.

For the battery showing a 62% SoC at 14.1 V, the battery needs a full recalibration.  The full recalibration includes a discharge down to 12V.  Please see the re-calibration process on pages 20 - 21 of the most recent manual -

If it still doesn't recalibrate, please contact your distributor or KiloVault for more detailed troubleshooting.

Remember, the SoC reported in the app is an approximation for people to use, but the battery behavior is actually driven by the Volts and Amps. Meaning that even if the SoC you see in the app isn't making sense, the battery will still charge/discharge correctly.

One more thing - please remember to register your batteries here on the KiloVault site -

KiloVault Support.