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SoC 100% and reserve less 7.5

We have had several installations of the Kilovault Hab 7.5 where SoC is at 100% but its reserve is less than 7.5kwh. For example 6.68, 6.40, 6.33kwh is the worst and the SoC 100%


What was the HABs voltage when the display said 100% full?  If it was less than 56.4V then the SoC needs to be recalibrated.

Please try and recalibrate the SoC and Capacity by doing the following:

  • Charge each HAB all of the way up to 56.4 V.
    • If you get a high voltage alarm, you can ignore it. You will still be below the high voltage protection.
      • Please Note: If you get a high Voltage alarm, it will not clear until the voltage falls below 54.4 ±0.5 V.
    • Even if the SoC on the front panel gets to 100% before the voltage gets to 56.4, keep charging until you get to 56.4.
    • After charging up to 56.4V, please look at the display and write down the kWh shown both for your records and to calculate the capacity of your HAB. Multiply that number by 1000 to get the Watt-hours, then divide the Watt-hours by 48V to get the Amp Hour capacity of your HAB.
  • Then discharge the HAB down to 49V.
    • If you get a low voltage alarm, you can also ignore it. You will still be above the low voltage protection.
      • Please Note: if you get a low voltage alarm, it will not clear until the battery voltage rises above 49.6±0.5 V
    • Then recharge the HAB normally.

The SoC and capacity should now be re-calibrated.

Please remember, if your equipment requires setting the Ah capacity and if the capacity has changed then change the setting in your equipment.
Remember, the SoC reported in the app is an approximation for people to use, but the battery behavior is actually driven by the Volts and Amps.

Please let us know how this works out for you.  If it does not, please contact KiloVault -