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Slow constant discharge

Hi all,

I've recently installed a HAB with a radian outback, AC coupled, as emergency backup.  I note that the HAB shows a constant 0.01 kw discharge, the outback doesn't show any discharge.  The result is the charge has dropped from 100% to 50% in a month and a half.

This seems excessive as nothing is drawing from it.

What am I missing?



Hello DaveA,

Please pardon the delay in responding.

If a HAB is shut down using the 3-second-long power button push, the self-discharge rate can be as high as 9% per month.
However, if the HAB is shut down by pressing the power button for 10 full seconds, this drops to ≤3% per month.
If you're using an inverter that will still operate even if the battery is shut down or disconnected, then your strategy would be to fully charge your HAB and then shut it down using the 10-second power button push.  This will minimize self-consumption by turning off features like WiFi communication.

I hope this helps!

KiloVault Tech Support

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