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Setting up with Outback FlexOne


I want to confirm that I've configured this adequately. I'm finding different recommendations online which is confusing.

I have a 24v system with HLX batteries configured in series and parallel.

Battery Type: Gel (this seemed the best option of three and was recommended in older Kilovault documentation)

Battery Charging:

Absorb: 28v, time = 1.0

Float voltage: 27.6 v time =1.0

Equalize Voltage: (whatever is lowest voltage), time =0 (I'm assuming this is how I turn off this function)

Re-float Voltage: 25v

Maximum cut-off: 29.2v

Minimum Cut-off Voltage: 23v


Thank you.


Glad to help - can you please tell me when you purchased your batteries?  That way I can make sure that the charging instructions match your HLX.

KiloVault Tech Support

Purchased June 2021 from Alt-E.

They are 12v 1800HLX-v3.

If an inverter/charger does not have customizable settings, sometimes Gel can be used, depending on how close the Gel pre-sets come to the recommended settings.  The most critical settings are the bulk voltage, high battery cut out, low battery cut out, equalization.

Settings for your 24V system.
Bulk: 28.2V
Absorb: 28.2V, time = 2 minutes or less
Float voltage:

Inverter/Charger: We recommend 2 stage no float
Charge Controller: approx. 27.2V or lower.  Low enough so that float isn't triggered when the battery bank relaxes to its resting voltage after charging stops.  Since this varies a little from battery to battery, you'll have to give your bank a full charge, stop charging, wait at least 30 min, and then measure the resting voltage.

Equalize Voltage: Disabled.  If it cannot be disabled, if the equalize time can be set to zero minutes and the equalize voltage can be set to the Bulk voltage or lower, then it can be used.

Re-float Voltage = Re-Bulk/Recharge: 25V

Maximum cut-off = High Battery Cut Out: 28.8V

Minimum Cut-off = Low Battery Cut Out: 24.5V

I hope this helps!

Thank you. This is great. A couple of questions. I'm moving from flooded lead-acid batteries and it's quite a bit different.


Another value to verify:

Low Battery Cut-in. I have it set to 25.2V.

High Battery Cut-in: I have it set to 28.0V.

The minimum time for absorb is 6 minutes. Is this adequate? I've seen in other older documents that it is but in the latest documentation for HLX batteries they suggest contacting KiloVault. I'm had the system specced out and the Outback FXR inverter/charger was purchased with the HLX batteries.


And to clarify it's NOT a goal to always be topping off a LiPo battery like you would do with a lead-acid battery. So by setting the charge controller float to below the batteries resting state (mine rests between 26.3 and 26.1 so I set it to 26.0) you're allowing the battery to be at rest while in floating phase and then getting charged up again in float mode from PV once it drops to 26v?



Wondering if there's more I can do for battery settings. Specifically are recommended settings find if my absorb is 6 minutes. There is an option to set absorb to 0, but it's in tenths of hours.

Hello @lorilee415,

Please pardon the delay in responding.

Yes, 6 minutes is ok.  Just set the absorb voltage equal to the float voltage and everything should be fine.