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Samlex EVO 2212 settings

I am setting up my inverter charger and was unable to locate a peukert factor setting and the lowest I could set temp compensation was 2mv/c though I suspect the lithium setting according to manual disabled this setting even though it was available to adjust. I was at a loss on an ending amps 2 stage scheme or a strict absorption volt scheme. I set it to 2 minutes at 14.1v absorption. I was wondering if an ending amps absorption was a better scheme or the fixed 2 minutes at 14.1v. I have 2 1800hlx in paralell and will be charging at 100 to 130a depending on my solar array contribution which is running 510w through a 40a mppt controller. Any input on the temp coefficient, peukert factor andvending amps verse fixed absorption time would be greatly appreciated.