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Questions on new HLX 3600 setup with Victron Energy equipment

HXL 3600 X 3  900ah


  1. Absorption time is to be set to 2 minutes for Inverter/charger however the shortest value we can set out Victron Multiplus to is 1 hour. What do we do?


  1. What absorption time is should we set out DC/DC chargers to, these are driven by the alternators. Our assumption is also 2 minutes however the Victron Orion DC /DC charger allows a shortest setting of 1 hour. Again, what do we do?


  1. Absorption time is to be set to 2 minutes for Victron smart solar chargers this we can do as the controllers allow values that small. We are currently set at 2 minutes, is this correct?


  1. General question regarding charging, should we try to get to 100% SOC each 24 hours period it seems like this is not the case with lithium if you can provide us with some battery care information that would be helpful.


We have all new Victron equipment with the latest firmware updates which are likely the most used charging equipment used in the recreational marine industry.  Your guidance will be much appreciated.

Hello @sv_everlong,

LFP batteries like the KiloVault HLX and HAB do not need an absorb time to let the charge "soak in".
In cases where the absorb time cannot be set to the recommended 2 minutes or less, just set the absorb time as low as it will go and set the absorb voltage equal to the bulk voltage. 

Yes, you've set the absorb time on the Victron charge controllers correctly.

When you're charging your batteries, you're aiming for a voltage, not necessarily a state of charge.  Each HLX+ is fully charged at 14.1V.  They do not need to be cycled daily.

To protect your investment in your batteries, we strongly recommend the user manual - -
We also recommend registering your batteries -

I hope this helps!