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Protect Your RES-Q From Grid Surges

Hi!  We here at KiloVault want to make sure that you're aware that we strongly recommend that you use a computer rated surge protector between your RES-Q and the grid when you are charging your RES-Q with AC from the grid. This is especially important in an emergency situation, which is when you'll need your RES-Q the most.

During an emergency, power from the grid is often unstable. There is a risk that surges from the grid will damage your RES-Q.  Damage to the RES-Q caused by surges are not covered by the warranty.

You want to get a computer surge protector that has a clamping voltage of 330 Volts or lower and is designed to cut off power when a surge has overwhelmed its protection circuits. You want a surge protector that will sacrifice itself to protect your RES-Q.

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