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Preferred Components?

I am planning an off-grid full-time modern home build on a southern slope of a cold mountain in southwest Montana based on four HAB’s and adding pairs of HAB’s annually.

I would like to know Kilovault’s recommended components for this build. It seems that every ‘system builder/installer’ prefers  a different inverter, charge controller, etc. and seemingly each device is both better and worse than a competing product.

As I am budgeting $50K for an expandable system and I’d like to get the future proofing correct.

(Asked here because other correspondence was unanswered.)

I recently installed a solar system for our home that utilizes one HAB (soon to expand to 2), Canadian solar panels, a Magnum MSPAE 4448 inverter mounted in a midnight solar E-panel and a midnite solar classic 200 solar charge controller.  I purchased all of these from Alt-E.  Their prices are good and they are very responsive. We are in rural central New Mexico and have access to the grid, so the grid is a backup.  This is not a whole house solution.  I moved the critical loads over to a subpanel which is driven by the inverter (Refrigerator, freezer, well, grinder pump, computer/network stuff and a few outlets for charging cell phones, etc.)  Everything is running well now although it took me awhile to fine tune the magnum and charge controller to get the most out of the panels.  There are a number of ways to setup the inverter - some did not work well although the one I use it in now is reliable and predictable.  I chose the magnum inverter and the midnight solar charge controller because of their reputation for reliability.  Both can be easily expanded for larger needs such as yours.  The Magnum is somewhat "low tech" in that you have to buy a Magnum solution in order to have it connected to your local internet.  It is possible to mine data from its data bus, but that is a diy solution that is well documented across the internet even though the magnum protocol is proprietary.  The HAB has been bullet proof although it's Android app is pretty elementary.  The Midnite charge controller is highly flexible and easy to setup.  We have had some significant snow fall recently, with a few power outages, and the system got us through that (along with a wood-burning stove) very comfortably.  Since each component is from a different company, they don't "talk" to each other although tech support at Alt-E told me that a data connection solution between the HAB and the Magnum inverter is forthcoming.

I haven't been in your neck of the woods since spending a week tromping around the Absaroka Wilderness several years ago.  Beautiful country.

Hope this helps.