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OutBack - HAB integration settings

Someone recommended this OutBack white paper to me as a guide for configuring my Radian to work with my KV V3 HAB:

I've been skeptical, since it's written for integrating a single string of KV HLX batteries with OB Radian ... and since there are settings that aren't even possible (as far as I can tell).  Maybe 4 HLXs = 1 HAB ??

Has anyone out there used these settings on a Radian w/ one HAB?  Is there any reason that I should / should not try implementing them?

Hello @blundernet,

Please pardon the delay in responding.

So yes, for 4 HLX+ in series, you'd multiply the voltages in the manual by 4.  For each string in parallel, you multiply the amps by the number of strings.

I hope this helps.

KiloVault Tech Support