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Outback 60

I just bought a pair of kilovault 1800, and i have the outback 60 charge controller. What are the settings that i need like absorption time, absorbing voltage and float voltage?

Hello Jorge,

Thank you for being a KiloVault customer.

We're in the middle of updating the settings for all of our KiloVault batteries including the HLX 1800.

The voltages are all per HLX in series.

Low Voltage Disconnect - 12.25V

Bulk/Absorption  - 14.1V

Float - 13.6V

Absorb time - 4 minutes or less

Equalization - Disabled!

Recharge/Rebulk - 12.75V for an 80% DoD

High Voltage Disconnect - 14.4V

Do not use a battery temperature sensor.

I hope this helps!



Marlin D. May, Technical Support Specialist

KiloVault® - Save the Sun
330 Codman Hill Road, Boxborough, MA 01719
Tel:888.218.5924 x213


Thanks for getting back to me. All set and ready to charge.