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When my CO2/propane detector is hardwired to my old batteries it discharged evenly. With my new kilovault batteries the smoke alarm only discharges the one battery and then without the proper discharge rate the second battery I have in parallel with it goes into shut down mode.



Any ideas on how to get the smoke alarm tied to batteries so it discharges equally from both batteries?

I fixed this issue as well for anyone who might ever need it.

The Atwood carbon/propane alarms in most campers and rv's are wired to one battery so it only discharges one since it is such a low draw.

To fix you need + wired to first battery terminals in set and - wired to furthest battery terminal.


Tl;Dr the OPUS SERIES campers have their carbon alarms only wired to one battery. It might work fine for lead acid. But for the kilovault batteries if nothing else in the system in turned on ( since the alarm detector is wired to run 24/7) it depletes one battery and will put other battery into standby and then completely turn off battery after a set period of time I wasn't able to determine.