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KiloVault HAB Manual V2.04 Released - Please Read!

We at KiloVault are continuously updating battery documentation to make sure you have the most up to date information on your HAB.  Most of the time these updates are minor (spelling corrections, fixing typos, etc) but update, version 2.04, contains so much new and updated information that we’ve reached out to make sure you’ve been alerted.  

Among the the most important additions:

    • Improved diagrams including the HAB charge / discharge curve
    • Improved placement and mounting instructions
    • Instructions on how to reset a HAB that is in hibernation from low voltage or other conditions
    • Instructions on how to reset the HAB state of charge estimator
    • Self-Discharge rate information
    • Corrected addressing instructions for networking multiple HABs
    • Clarified information on networking with other devices
    • Clarified instructions on firmware updates

 Please download the updated manual from the KiloVault website -               

Read through the updated manual carefully. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Thank you!

KiloVault Tech Support and light1111dark have reacted to this post.
KiloVault Tech Supportlight1111dark

I cannot reset the battery, this update has caused my battery to stop functioning, I am working with Alt E and I am getting no where when it comes to help, I need this battery to be functional


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This is Peter, I need help urgently. Please call me 404-886-4587, I sent nemerous emails without a reply, this is urgent

gubbool has reacted to this post.

Hello Peter - We will have the engineers look at your HAB online this evening.  We should have information for you on the morning of the 24th.