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KiloVault HAB 7.5 v3 inverter/cc compatibility


I am trying to fine tune the performance of the battery in terms of charging/discharging etc... And I wonder if not having the HAB communicate with the inverter could make the battery underperform or else fail.  I am using a Sigineer M3048NC which is a hybrid Solar inverter and charger.  What I am trying to acomplish since I am partially off-grid is I am running all my loads off the system and during the night battery powers my loads, and in the morning when the sun comes out it recharges the battery and while doing that it powers the loads.  Up to this point is perfect, but then when the battery gets fully charged at around 11:30AM the inverter stops providing Solar power to the loads and the battery starts discharging until certain point in which the inverter resumes providing power again to the loads and recharges the battery again to 100%.  This cycles through the day until sunset in which the battery starts to power the loads.

My concern is if this is supposed to be normal or if is the lack of communications between the battery/inverter that is causing it.  As a matter of fact I configured the Inverter to use Only Solar for powering the loads until the Solar power goes away then the battery power is used and if battery drains then Utility will power the loads.

Thanks in advance!

Hope that I am not confusing you with all this explanation!



Hello JMC,

Please pardon the delay in responding.

The behavior you're seeing is most likely coming from your M3048NC settings.

Equipment using with LFP batteries (like KiloVault) must be set to take into account the battery resting voltage. If the settings don't take the resting voltage into account, the battery will cycle unnecessarily.

How does this happen?

A HAB is fully charged when it reaches 56V. When you stop charging, if the battery sits, it will settle down to its resting voltage, around 53.6V. However, the battery is still fully charged! If the settings start charging the battery again, the battery voltage will quickly (in a few minutes) rise right back up to 56V. If the float setting is at or above the resting voltage. then this will happen over and over again.

How do you keep this from happening?

We recommend that you set inverter/chargers to 2-stage-no-float. That way, once the battery is fully charged, when the battery starts discharging, the inverter/charger will not recharge the battery until the battery reaches the recommended recharge voltage you've set, 51.4V. If you're using an inverter/charger, solar charge controller or generator that doesn't have 2-stage-no-float as an option, then, you have to make sure that float is set below the resting voltage of the battery, below 53.6V.

I hope this helps!