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KiloVaul HAB 7.5 v3 STAND BY

Hi, I want to know what causes the battery to activate the Stand By button when I am monitoring in the HABIT app?

And what is the purpose of it, if it is not there all the time?

Some times it is partially charged and the button suddenly shows up.  One time I did hit the button in the app and power was cut off to the inverter, and I had to go directly to the battery to start it again.  Can you explain?





Hello JMC,

Yes, when activated, that switch will turn off charging and discharging.  If it is the only HAB in your battery bank then yes, an inverter connected to the battery will shut down.
When would it be used?  For example if you're adding a new battery to an existing battery bank, you can stop the existing batteries from charging while the new battery is charging up to their voltage, then once they're all close, enable them all so they can cycle together and coordinate their charging and discharging.
I hope this helps!
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