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HLX3600 will not charge to 100%

I am charging the HLX3600+ for the 1st time using a Noco Genius charger.  It charges to 99% but will not go to 100%.  The phone app indicates it is receiving  9.8 amps (10 amp charger) and the charger is working as indicated by heat output of the charger.  It has been at 99% for about 3 hours.  What action should I take now to get the most out of the battery?

Hello @pattom12

Apologies for the delay in answering your question.
I do have a quick question for you.  When the HLX iT app says the battery is at 99%, what is the battery voltage?
If the Noco's built in Li settings won't get the battery up to a full charge, 14.1V, you may have to get into the charger's custom settings to get it up to 14.1V.

If it is getting the battery up to 14.1, well, that is a full charge.  The battery's internal state-of-charge estimator is just a little off.   This doesn't affect the battery performance.  The battery performance is driven by volts, amps and internal temperature.

I hope this helps!