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HLX+ parameters for Kisae DMT 1250

I'm looking to buy a couple of HLX+ 3600s, but want to make sure they are compatible with my existing charger.  Specifically, I'm unsure about a couple of the parameters.

1) Is the timing for the Kisae compatible with the HLX+?
2) What do I set the termination amps parameters to?

The relevant parts of both manuals are listed below.

The relevant battery parameters are in this manual starting on page 12.

Absorb time: 2 min or less.

Max float current: 10 A

The relevant parts of the Kisae DMT 1250 manual are on the bottom of page 5, top of pages 6 & 7.

It looks like the absorb time is too long, but I have no idea if I'm reading the chart correctly.

How does charge termination current relate to max float current?



Hello Steve,

I see that no one has answered your question here on the forum.  Please accept my apologies.

Looking at the DMT 1250 manual (thank you for that link!) that charger can be used with your KiloVault HLX & HLX+ batteries.  Both the Lithium and Custom charge profiles are adjustable to match the HLX's required settings.

Max Float Current is the maximum amperage then the charger is floating the battery.

Termination current is the charging amps when the battery reaches the target voltage.  As the battery gets closer to the target voltage, the current decreases. Setting that to 2A is fine.

Thank you for your question!