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HLX+ for a boat?


I am planning the replacement of a large AGM house battery setup on my boat.  The PO installed a Xantrex inverter/charger for a 24v system.  It is a nice system but the batteries are approaching end of life.  I am considering up-sizing considerably and the 3600 HLX+ is the prime candidate.  There are a couple concerns with making this change but the most serious by far, is the safety of the LiFePO4 on a boat.  Any comments about that?

I have not finalized the circuit design but I am also considering upgrading to a 48v system.  I am also not constrained to the Xantrex 3024 inverter/charger if it makes sense to change to something else.  I would also appreciate any recommendations you might have.  There is currently no solar on this boat - only 11k generator and shore power considerations.

Thanks for any feedback on this.

Hello @fullsunsolar,

Unlike other lithium chemistry batteries, Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries cannot go into thermal runaway. 

Add to that the fact that there is no venting and no acids to deal with and you get an extremely safe battery.  Safe enough to be installed in the living spaces of a home. Safe enough to fly on airplanes.  

I hope this answers your question!

Check out this extensive article and this one too.  He delves into the safety of LIFPO as well as integration details you'll want to consider before making the leap.