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HAB with Magnum MS PAE 4448 and Midnight Solar Classic 200

The HAB has been great.  The magnum took alot of tweaking to get it running reliably and smoothly.  With 2.3 kWatts of solar panels, it takes from 8:30 AM until about 1 PM to recharge the battery from about 45% SOC to 100% here in New Mexico in late January.  I set the recharge value on the Midnight to a high value (53.8 volts) to have the battery recharged in a series of mini cycles for the remainder of the day.  I will probably purchase another HAB to allow us to outlast more than a couple of cloudy days without having to recharge from the grid.  We have our fridge, freezer, well, grinder pump and a few 15 amp circuits supporting internet service and some outlets for cell phones on the subpanel powered by the magnum.  I really wish that the HAB could communicate with the magnum.  I also wish I could gather data from the HAB in order to be able to plot historical data on my PC.

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Does anyone own an HAB? Where does an owner get help? Contact me directly if you want to share experiences about the HAB.

Proving to myself that Kikovault’s HAB is the least well know battery solution on the web.