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HAB Wifi Connectivity


My Kilovault HAB has been running somewhat well for about a week now. Yes, it’s new to me so I am still learning my way around.  But I still have 3 outstanding items that I am sure we can get resolved sooner or later. One of the 3 items that I can’t find in the manual is understanding the network connectivity. I understand 5G is not supported but what can cause the HAB to go off-line frequently?  Of course a problem with the wifi source could cause the issue, but what are the criteria for maintaining connectivity with the HAB?  I seem to lose connectivity once a day on average and need to go to the site to re-connect.  I do so by cycling the battery off then on.  There may be another way - I don’t know.

I will try to resolve the other two items by working with tech support.

Thanks for your advice.

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KiloVault Tech Support

Hello FullSunSolar,

I would definitely check to see how strong and steady your router's WiFi signal is at your installation.  Some of our customers have found it helps to have a WiFi repeater in close vicinity to the HAB to make sure the signal from the router is strong. I do not have information on how strong the router's wifi signal has to be for a HAB to successfully connect.  I will get that information and post it here.

If you have a V2 or newer HAB (serial numbers above MWT2020010902014) please try pressing the power button three times in 5 seconds to put the HAB into WiFi pairing mode, then use HAB iT to reconnect it to the router.

Just in case you need it, you can download the HAB iT app manual here -

KiloVault Tech Support