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HAB v.3 - Conext XW-Pro integration

Message I am integrating a HAB 7.5 v3 into  grid-tie battery backup system with a Schneider Conext XW Pro inverter/charger.

I have attached the 485A and 485B leads from the ModBus cable to the relevant terminals on the 12-pin port of the InsightHome.

  • Using the Search function [addresses from 1-247] under Insight's "add a device" does not find the HAB.
  • Under the Insight BMS setup screen, if "KiloVault HAB 7.5" is selected, SOC is enabled and the battery parameters that are automatically updated are at variance with your Schneider XW-Pro Integration Guide and the system returns "loss of communication" errors and the XW seems to fall back on voltage control for the charging function.

The datasheet for the HAB 7.5 v3 [upon which I relied when selecting the HAB for purchase] refers to "integrated inverter communication support". Version 3.5 of the install manual does not cover the implementation/setup, noting only that "The HAB™ to inverter communications feature will be supported in a future upgrade.".

Version 4.0 of the HAB manual does not contain this disclaimer.

What is the procedure for implementing the HAB-Inverter communications feature for the HAB v3?

Hello Spray Research,

Thank you for being a KiloVault customer.

We understand and appreciate your eagerness to activate closed loop communications between your KiloVault HAB and your XW Pro.

Closed loop communications between the KiloVault HAB and the Schneider XWPro is currently undergoing final field testing and has not yet been approved for release to the general public.

As soon as it is complete, KiloVault and Schneider will release detailed setup and operation instructions to the public when the testing is complete.

Until we release the closed loop communication setup and operation instructions, please do not connect the HABs modbus cable to the Schneider XWPro, Insight, Gateway, or other Schneider Xanbus equipment.