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HAB IT app shows batteries offline

I have been using the HAB IT app for almost a year.  I initially had an issue with one of the 7.5kWh HAB V3 batteries with an unconnected antenna cable.  Once fixed, both of my units hooked up to the HAB IT app.  Now I get a Battery Offline icon for each battery.  The batteries do show they are online with the blue icon.  I tried deleting the app and reloading but still have the problem.  Is the system down?

After not hearing back from KiloVault to this post or two voice mails I decided to just do a hard reboot of the 2 HABs.  I turned them off using the on/off button and then switched off the breakers.  I waited 2 minutes and then turned on both breakers and then the on/off switches.  Voila,  the HAB IT is working for both batteries.

Hello @paul

Please pardon the delay in responding. 

Yes, performing a restart on a HAB will clear most fault conditions. If necessary, you can also perform a hard reset of the HAB by:

  • Turning off the HAB
  • Opening the breaker on the side of the HAB
  • Turning on the HAB
  • Pressing and holding down the power button for 10 seconds
    • This will clear any alarms and protection locks and restart communications.