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Four(4) - kilovault 1200 hlx+ batteries for my Schneider 6048 Pro Inverter


I just bought four (4) “kilovault 1200 hlx+” batteries for my Schneider 6048 Pro Inverter (I am the owner, but I am writing on behalf of my Electrician/PV Installer – just for the language barrier).  We follow instructions on initially charging the four batteries.  But, we’ve been struggling with integrating the inverter (Schneider 6048 Pro). Would you please send integration data for my specific type of inverter (Schneider 6048 Pro and these LiFePO4 batteries)?  I am using the batteries just for backup, and I will be selling the excess power to my local power authority (sell is enabled, and Grid Support voltage is at 65V).  The Battery and Charger sections on the XW 6848 PRO are as stated in Kilovault 1200 hlx+ specification manual and datasheet.

Our main issue is that after the batteries are fully charged 14.1V and reach (14.1V x 4) 56.4V, it will sell for 5-8 seconds (drops from 56.4V to 52.5V in just 5 seconds) until recharge voltage is reached at Inverter level 52.5V (the recharge level at the Conext Mppt 60/150 PV solar charger is set at 51V) and then it stops the sell until it reaches again the 56.4V.


Your help will be very appreciated.


One of our vendors, who also sells Schneider equipment, will contact you shortly with a solution.
The behavior you're seeing is being caused by some of the 6048 settings.