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Definition of a battery cycle for lithium battery

I am converting from flooded batteries to lithium.  I am used to thinking that drawing a flooded battery down by more than 50% counts as a "cycle".  Theses batteries generally are good for about 500 cycles. I rarely drew them down by more than 10- 20% on a daily basis and as a result got a good 10 years out of them

I see that lithium kilovault batteries are good for 4-5000 cycles. What is the definition for a lithium battery cycle?? Does using these batteries "lightly" ie don't draw them down too far, extend their life, as well??



I see that no one has answered your question here on this forum.  My apologies!
An 80% DoD is considered a cycle.  If they are used lightly, it will extend their lives.  We don't know exactly how much.  We haven't done that type of test.
I hope this answered your question.