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CHLX 1800 Terminal Voltage different than voltage indicated on HLXiT phone app

CHLX 1800, about 6 month old installation, does not accept a charge. Charger indicates 14.2 volts, Fluke meter measured 14.2 volts at battery terminals. HLXiT app indicates 12.9 volts, battery at 40 degrees F. Battery discharge behavior is normal. If the charger is turned on and then off, then battery accepts charge and terminal voltage is equal to HLXiT indicated voltage. This behavior has been consistent for 3 charge attempts. My major problem with this behavior, is that the Midnite classic 200 charge controller raises charge voltage to 14.2 volts, but no current flow and indicates charge status as resting. Thus, the battery never accepts a charge, even though the battery state of charge is less than 20%. Suggestions?

Hello Bruce,

Please pardon the delay in responding. I'm sorry that your CHLX is not behaving as expected.

Yes, the measurements with the Fluke at the battery terminals would be the true battery voltage and that explains why the battery would then stop accepting a charge. When the battery voltage equals the charge voltage, then yes, the charging amps will drop to near zero.  The Midnite is operating correctly and is doing it's best to not overcharge your battery.

It also makes sense that, when the charger is turned off and on, then the battery accepts a charge for a short while, but then stops charging, because the battery is essentially full.  When you stop charging, the battery voltage starts to relax down to the battery resting voltage, but if you then start charging again, the battery voltage will quickly rise to the charging voltage.  This is normal charging behavior.

However, the readings you're getting in HLX iT indicate that the BMS is not operating correctly.  There should be more more that 0.1V difference between what is measured at the terminals with a voltmeter and what is shown in the HLX iT app.  

From our records you've already registered your battery.  Thank you for doing that.

Please contact the distributor you bought  your CHLX from about this battery and let them know that the BMS is not behaving correctly.