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Can HLX3600 communicate directly with Balmar 614?

To avoid damaging the alternator when the BMS senses 100%SOC and shuts off charging, some sort of "dump protection" is necessary .  There are devices sold that sense the dump and shut off the alternator but I understand that the Balmar 614 has the ability to do that without needing an external device so long as a wired signal to the LiFePO4 battery "informs" the regulator that it is shutting down.  Can the HLX3600 BMS communicate directly with the Balmar 614?

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Thank you for your interest in KiloVault HLX Batteries.

Currently, the HLX 3600 only communicates via Bluetooth to the HLX iT app.

The Balmar 614 looks like a very configurable unit. As long as it can be programmed to match the charging specifications in the HLX manual, it can be used.  Be wary of the built-in LFP charging profiles. There are plenty out there that are not HLX compatible.  In those cases, if available, use custom settings.

Thanks Again!