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Balancing for Kilovault 2400 HLX+ Series


I bought 4 Kilovault HLX+ 2400 batteries which I intend to put in Series for a 48v system. Im currently charging them individually to 14.1v as per manual. For these batteries, should I get the 48v Kilovault Balancer? I dont see the balancer is mentioned in the manual, not sure if its needed or if there are benefits in adding it.


Or is this something the HLX Bridge will take care of?


Hello @kevolones,

In general, you shouldn't need the 48V balancer as long as you start out the batteries at the same voltage, your battery to battery cable lengths are the same, your connections are nice and tight, and your battery to inverter home run cables are the same length.

In addition to allowing you to see information about the entire battery bank in one place and giving you greater control over individual batteries, bridge coordinates the batteries in the bank in situations where one or more of them get cold enough to activate the heater.  It doesn't balance them, but in that situation it will prevent them from charging/discharging so they don't get ahead or behind the heating batteries in voltage.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks for the reply!


Was the bridge released already? Where can I purchase it?

Hello @kevolones,

The Bridge has not been released yet.  It is undergoing final field tests, so it is close. We want to make sure everything is right before it goes on sale.