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Any real world experience with these batteries?

I've been looking all over trying to find some real world reviews or opinions of these PLC batteries (or similar AGM carbon lead batteries). I've even asked several retailers that sell them, but none have been able or willing to give me anything besides reading off the spec sheet.

Simply, I'm looking for some reassurance that 3000 cycles is really possible (and likely) from this AGM + carbon technology battery. And what is the expected remaining capacity at the end of those cycles? Anything at all? 70%? 80%? I feel like im the first one to consider this style battery - the solar forum guys say its just rebranded agm its crap it wont last (the same guys that won't budge from their 100+ year old battery tech).

I'm trying to replace a bank of run of the mill AGM batteries that granted was too small, but never performed like advertised and lasted a year and a half. I have concerns with switching to Lithium for multiple reasons, but budget obviously is a big one. But intermittent higher current draw and temperatures are also concerns. I have bigger concerns about getting another cheapo AGM bank and it lasting 2 whole years.

I feel like I'm trying my hardest to buy these but no one is helping me make the sale.



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KiloVault Tech Support

Hello @jdobush,

Thank you for your interest in our KiloVault 1200Ah advanced PLC batteries.

At the end of 3000, 50% discharges the batteries will be at the end of their lives.  We expect that they'd have no more than 5% of their original capacity left.

The above was a misstatement.  At the end of 3000, 50% discharges under ideal operating conditions, we estimate that the battery will have about 70% of its original capacity.  This will vary from case to case.

I have a grid tied system and the primary function of the battery is for household power backup during a power outage.  The price point of the Kilovault 2100 PLC battery is attractive  but I am concerned about the expected useful life of the battery if it is only cycled 2-3 times per year.  Is there any information about the expected life in years of this battery under these conditions?