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1) Recalibration and 2) cycles

Two questions:

On recalibration:  Manual says "charge to 56.4V".  So, I run my solar charge controller until I'm reading 100% SOC on my OutBack Mate3s.  I change the charge controller settings to push harder on the battery and watch until I can read 56.4V at the HAB terminals.  I cut off my PVs and in fairly short order the voltmeter reads 54.6V.  My question is:  Have I done this correctly or should I keep charging until the voltmeter reads 56.4V when the battery has set for a while after being charged?

On computing cycles:  I've read differing algorithms for computing recharge cycles.  I can't make my observations match the "Amp equivalent to a 80% DoD" rule.  Almost seems that any time I get near 50% SOC, a cycle is counted?  If course with only 8 cycles to this point, I don't have a real large sample size.  (I'm figuring that usually I shouldn't go much below 50% SOC).  Can you fill me in?

Hello @blundernet,

If you saw 56.4V on your voltmeter, then yes, you've done it correctly.
Like all LFP batteries, after the battery is fully charged, if you remove the charger and let the battery sit, the battery voltage will relax down to the resting voltage, about 53.6V.  The battery is still fully charged! If you were to connect the battery up to a charger, you'd see the voltage very quickly (a few minutes or less) go right back up to 56.4V.

As far as counting amps discharged.  If the battery has a total amp capacity of 150Ah.  80% of 150Ah is 120Ah. So each time the total amps discharged reaches 120Ah, the cycle count is incremented.

I hope this helps!