Best Practices for Design, Installation, and Operation of the KiloVault® HAB™ Lithium Energy Storage System

Learn about the KiloVault HAB 7.5 kWh wall mounted energy storage solutions for residential and commercial applications.

Webinar Topics

• KiloVault® Product Line Overview
• HAB 7.5 kWh Wall Mount Lithium Energy Storage System
• Design considerations for applications of the HAB 7.5
• Installation considerations for the HAB 7.5
•Operation of the HAB 7.5 and over-the-air updates

KiloVault® Solar Energy Storage Solutions feature:

• Low life-cycle costs
• Advanced non-toxic LFP technology
• Modular design for future expansion of battery bank
• Efficiency in both DC-coupled and AC-coupled configurations
• Flexibility to address grid-tied, off-grid, and emergency backup