Tecnología Avanzada Asequible

Los productos KiloVault utilizan tecnología LFP segura y de larga duración ofreciendo el mejor valor del mercado

Diseñado para aplicaciones de energía solar exigentes

Las baterías de litio KiloVault están diseñadas específicamente para el almacenamiento de energía solar exigente

Soluciones para fuera de la red y ligadas a la red + almacenamiento

Las baterías KiloVault se adaptan a tu estilo de vida, ya sea en la red o por tu cuenta

Soluciones de almacenamiento de energía solar KiloVault®

Tecnología Avanzada Asequible

KiloVault® energy storage products use Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery chemistry, also known as LFP (lithium ferro-phosphate ) offering a longer cycle life, and none of the toxicity or fire hazards of other Lithium technologies.

The unique KiloVault Battery Management System provides you with higher current and peak-power ratings than other technologies. These factors combine to make this an ideal energy storage solution for demanding solar applications.



Diseñado para aplicaciones solares

In most home and commercial solar energy applications, batteries need to accept current in excess of 100 amps, then rapidly switch to discharge at even higher outputs when necessary.

The constant charge / discharge cycle is just a normal day for solar applications. KiloVault technology enables you run up to an amazing 150 amps continuously with even just a single battery.


Fuera de la red o alarrelada a la red + Almacenamiento

Energy storage is critical  in off-grid solar installations, and is becoming more  important in grid-tied systems as more homeowners opt for the flexibility that storage provides.

Instead of simply sending power produced during daylight hours to the electrical grid, hybrid systems can store the energy produced for more flexible usage.

Instalación solar fuera de la red

Sunlight is converted to electrical energy by the solar panels which is used to charge the batteries. This creates a stand-alone electrical supply for homes, cabins and remote locations.

Grid-Tied + Almacenamiento

The electrical energy produced can be directed to charge batteries, offset current usage, or sold back to the grid. The local regulations, equipment, and configuration determine which options are available.

Productos KiloVault destacados

Almacenamiento flexible de energía

KiloVault® HLX Series™ Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries offer a configurable approach to residential energy storage needs.

The HLX Series can be used individually or in combination for 12, 24, or 48 volt systems with storage capacities ranging from 150 Amp-hours to 1,200 Amp-hours. 

Almacenamiento de energía de montaje en pared

KiloVault® HAB™ Wall-Mount Energy Storage systems provide 7.5 Kilowatt-hour battery in a single unit.

Up to five units can be used together for additional capacity.

The HAB Series has been designed for trouble free mounting and easy to connect with other system components.

Potencia de emergencia portátil

KiloVault® RES-Q™ Portable Emergency Power Unit includes a 1,200 Watt-Hour battery, charge controller, and inverter to provide sufficient energy to power a refrigerator, charge cell phones.

It is designed to be charged by solar panels, a backup generator, or standard 120 VAC power and can be expanded with additional storage.

Controladores de carga compatibles

Los productos KiloVault son compatibles con una amplia gama de controladores de carga solar, incluidos los productos de estos proveedores líderes: